Custom Antenna Engineering and Analysis Services

STAR-H has all the engineering experience you need to help you solve all of your most difficult engineering challenges. STAR-H can provide in-house and field engineering for your antenna project. Additionally, STAR-H has the ability to modify and adapt existing solutions, whether a standard product or previous research and development product, to meet your specific needs.

 In-house ServicesGain Plot

  • Antenna Design
  • RF System Design
  • Antenna Placement Analysis
  • Platform (UAV, vehicle, etc) Modeling and Analysis for RF
  • Antenna & Mounting Mechanical Design
  • Computer Optimization of Antennas and RF Systems
  • Electromagnetic Computer Modeling
  • Anechoic Chamber Measurements
  • Outdoor Antenna Test Range Measurements

Field SerTopographic Mapvices

  • Antenna Site Survey
  • Antenna System Installation
  • On-Site Analysis & Consulting
  • Communications Site Construction Consulting



Custom Antenna Engineering

Generally, STAR-H is able to configure and optimize its stock and semi-custom antenna lines to meet the requirements of customers; however, there are some instances where an application is so unique or the requirements are so demanding that the only choice is a completely custom solution. We are able to provide the engineering services necessary to work with customers on a one-on-one basis to design a solution around your problem. We offer a significant advantage in custom solutions because:

  • We have a long history in custom antenna solutions
  • Our skilled engineering team routlinely configures and custom-designs dependable systems
  • Our experience ranges from miniature systems to large-scale HF systems and everything in between
  • The unique parternships we maintain offer access to nearly any necessary resources and facilities


For more information about our capabilities, or to reach us regarding your custom antenna needs, please Contact Us.